July 4th, 2018
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The evening kicked off with an intimate workshop, which included a versatile panel of guest speakers.

Highsnobiety Founder David Fischer and DLG Founder David Sadigh took the floor to speak about creativity as the new luxury and the importance of engaging consumers in the new age. Influencers Kelvyn Colt, a rapper and social marketing lecturer, and fashion blogger Ivania Carpio, were also featured as guest speakers. They shared their thoughts on interacting with luxury brands authentically and the trend of selling high-end products online to new generations.

David Sadigh

David Fischer

Ivania Carpio and Kelvyn Colt

After a thought-provoking workshop, DLG officially unveiled its creative space. Over 100 guests were welcomed throughout the evening to the brand new 500 square-meter offices, located right in the heart of Geneva. The space was designed to boost creativity and innovation for both clients and employees, with spacious work stations, comfortable meeting rooms and even a contemporary kitchen and bar.

Guests, including CEOs of luxury watch brands, media correspondents, influencers and political representatives, were treated to signature cocktails from Art Cocktail Club. “The Influencer” cocktail, topped with Mezcal and infused bitters, ended up being the hit of the night among guests.

Art Cocktail Club

Illustrator Vincent Moustache mingled among guests while live-sketching them on his iPad. The sketches were projected onto a wall which rapidly drew the admiration of party-goers. For those seeking a more immersive experience, a virtual reality game via VR headsets transported guests everywhere from Russia, across the Dubai desert or even for a helicopter ride above an active volcano.

Vincent Moustache’s live sketching

World VR Forum @DLG

DJ Easy Evil and his vinyl records opened up the dance floor with a medley of funk, 60s and 70s music, and Brazilian beats while attendees enjoyed gourmet bites from the buffet. And what’s a party without a photobooth? Guests couldn’t possibly leave before posing for a group picture or sneaking in a photobomb (or two).


Sharing Box

As guests trickled out for the evening, they signed DLG’s guest book with warm wishes and congratulations, making for a night to remember that’s sure to be the first of many.