Building A Lead Generation Engine




“DLG has shown insightful expertise in analysing IMD customer behaviours online.”

The Challenge: In the world of global executive business programs, IMD is consistently ranked as one of the leading higher education institutions. IMD takes a unique approach to recruiting executive education students, capitalising on DLG’s experience and digital expertise from the luxury industry, and in particular its understanding of sophisticated highly educated audiences. Attracting business school candidates is fiercely competitive and DLG strategy first had to work on a differentiated positioning and offering. With the goal of lead generation, IMD’s digital recruitment efforts had to be married with IMDs existing web site content (articles, reports, newsletters, etc.) Hence DLG had to work under the existing website in increasing visits from search engines and expanding qualified leads.

IMD Sculpture

The DLG Contribution: DLG created “its own” website within the universe. The new structure enabled DLG to create and manage dedicated search engine landing pages. When a prospective program participant searches on Google for “Management Training Programs” for example, they are redirected to a dedicated landing page specifically designed to convert a given lead into a registration. In parallel, a mapping of the school’s corporate website was done to better understand how visitors interact on the site. This allowed for a more focused understanding on what type of pages work the best.



additional visitors from search engines, by November 2017


visits converted into leads


the amount in million IMD would have had to spend in media advertising to achieve the same results