Connecting Caran D’Ache To A New Generation




“We wanted them to ‘take over’ our iconic ballpoint pen and create content with it, expressing their own style.”

Photo Credits: Igor Laski (@igor_laski)

The Challenge: For more than 100 years, Caran d’Ache has made beautifully crafted pens and pencils, showcasing the exceptional quality and heritage associated with a Swiss made brand. To celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary of its classic 849 ball point pen, Caran d’Ache launched a new collection called Claim Your Style, which included 6 new pen colours that were represented by 6 different personas.

DLG’s objective was to connect the historic brand with a younger generation of consumers in its key markets, communicating its brand values and historic heritage whilst promoting its products and increasing the engagement rate on its social media channels.

The DLG contribution: As part of its plans across social media, Caran d’Ache worked together with DLG to create a special lifestyle influencer campaign, tasking DLG with helping to select people with creative backgrounds in writing, note-taking, sketching and drawing experience that would embody its brand values of heritage, authenticity and creativity.

DLG, which has managed Caran d’Ache’s social media activity on Instagram and Facebook for several years, also created a dedicated Facebook quiz, aimed at helping users to find their perfect Claim Your Style pen that fitted in with their personalities. “We wanted people with a bold style and passion for design, writing and illustration to show the place of writing and drawing in their life,” said Catherine Bagnoud, communication and digital manager at Caran d’Ache. “We wanted them to ‘take over’ our iconic ballpoint pen and create content with it, expressing their own style.”

The campaign was a first for the iconic Swiss stationery brand, connecting Caran d’Ache with eight different personalities on social media on the launch of a new collection of its classic 849 ballpoint pens. Targeted at specific markets across the globe, the influencers were invited to become brand ambassadors helping to promote the new collection and the Caran d’Ache brand through co-created content of images and videos. “We wanted to have as many different interpretations as possible, to really show people that anyone can find a pen they like because the campaign is really about personalization, having the style that you really want,” said Anne-Sophie Scharff,  social media project manager at DLG, who helped craft the content.

Among the selected influencers were Aurélia Durand, a graphic artist based in Paris, Cyril Vouilloz, a visual artist originally from Geneva and based in Berlin, and Emma Jane Palin, a freelance writer based in the United Kingdom – who all demonstrated a strong link to writing, illustration and graphic design, helping to further amplify Caran d’Ache’s message of authenticity.

“Working with a diverse pool of influencers really helped to strengthen the campaign,” said Scharff, who personally selected the influencers for the campaigns.“We had really strong outcomes because our selection of influencers had such a different and unique array of personalities. They each created beautifully crafted content and in their own way too, and it worked really well with the product and the concept of the campaign,” she added.

Taking place in two phases, the first phase saw seven of the influencers visit Geneva and the Caran d’Ache factory in Thônex as part of three-day trip. Here they were given a tour of the factory and deeper insight into the company’s rich history and the complex processes of making a Caran d’Ache product, from colour-blending to its Chinese hand-lacquering.

The influencers were then tasked with creating their content following the visit, which saw them create dedicated blog posts on their own websites, as well as shared content on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, each showcasing Caran d’Ache products in different settings and contexts. In total, they created 81 stories, 29 posts and 4 blog posts reaching 2.3 million people across the influencers’ community.



The content was also well received by Caran d’Ache’s community, driving a high level of engagement across the board. In total, the activation reached 8.6 million people across the whole of social media and drove 23,800 visits to Caran d’Ache’s website.

“We saw really strong engagement from Instagram and Facebook especially on the posts by the influencers,” said Scharff. “We saw that people were really engaging with the influencers’ content especially the manufacturer visit that we organised. It got so many replies …  people really loved the content and it was reflected in the engagement.”

Campaign Results


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