Crafting Differentiating Content




“The new generation still values personal advice.”

The Challenge: Digital transformation is at the center of Swiss Private Bank UBP’s strategy, with social media as one of the main pillars of this transformation.

It’s with this in mind that, since 2017, DLG has been supporting UBP in developing and amplifying their brand awareness through a strong social media strategy. This strategy includes enhancing their content creation, specifically on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


The DLG Contribution: As UBP places a high value on creating content that is informative for the financial industry, DLG and UBP have worked together to create a new video format that is interactive, dynamic, instructive and made specifically for social media platforms.

The goal of this original content was to produce a video that is comprehensible to people outside the financial sector, but with added value for people with financial knowledge. With this in mind, DLG has worked closely with UBP to craft a script and generate a storytelling arc that fits these objectives.

The idea was to have an expert describing his view of the bond market; but to enrich his explanation with engaging moving graphics to encourage a better understanding of the content for those viewers who are less familiar with the industry.

The expert video part was filmed in DLG’s office, in a dedicated video filming studio. This studio is fully-equipped to be able to adapt to the clients’ needs and to create a wide range of different formats.

Watch the video!


UBP has become one of the top private banks on social media, thanks to sustained community growth, and a marked increase in global awareness.

This new video concept is one way to illustrate UBP as a modern, relevant and trustworthy bank for the next generation.