Engaging with Affluent, HNW Individuals: from consumer insights to digital activation



“The impressive HNWI cost per lead generated can be attributed to DLG’s unique understanding of the HNWI audience and its behavior.”

The Challenge

In the context of the launch of the Ferrari Roma model, B.I. Collection hired DLG to:

  • Identify and analyze the buying psychology of High Net Worth Individuals in Switzerland, and other hindering factors
  • Build an ultra-targeted HNWI lead generation campaign to facilitate sales of the newly launched car model

The Strategic Approach

The HNWI segment is extremely hard to tackle as most affluent individuals don’t answer surveys, hence DLG took the strategic approach of :

Phase 1 – Qualitative Search

Leveraging DLG’s personal network, 25 carefully selected HNWI with passion for sports cars were invited to individual face-to-face discussions with our leadership team.

This process was carried out over 3 months focusing on affluent luxury car owners of specific automotive brands; from different sources of income and wealth, and residing in the Swiss-German part of Switzerland.

Phase 2 – Quantitative Search

DLG analyzed consumer demand based on search volumes for ultra-luxury car brands, totalizing 20,000+ keywords in both German and English. In addition, 23+ competitors’ digital environments, including their website, social media, and advertising were compared and assessed.

Crucial information such as key purchase drivers, emotional triggers, blocking factors, expectations over luxury, and media consumption were collected offering clarity on the typical consumer journey and aspirations of this sophisticated, yet difficult to grasp, target audience.

Results & Outcome

This allowed DLG to conceive and roll-out laser-targeted campaigns to promote the new Roma car, using different criteria including : Interests, Demographics, Brand, Media usage

  • 50 new qualified UNWHI leads generated through the campaigns
  • 37 test drives
  • Cost per lead of around $ 80-85
  • Final purchases confidential

The Client

“The impressive HNWI cost per lead generated can be attributed to DLG’s unique understanding of the HNWI audience and its behavior. We have learned a lot through this valuable collaboration.”

Beat Imwinkelried
Chied Executive Officer von B.I.Collection AG.

B.I. Collection specializes in legendary and luxury cars and caters to the high demands of luxury car buyers. Under the B.I. Collection brand, the company is an official Ferrari dealer in Switzerland and is present with five sites in Switzerland where the group also sells vehicles from other brands like Bugatti, Porsche, Mercedes and Maserati.