Targeting Chinese Millennials




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The Challenge: Often defined as the generation born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, millennials are generally known to be digitally savvy, experience hungry, and very active on social media. They also currently make up about 30% of the Chinese population today, which amounts to about 415 million individuals. Naturally, German manufacture Montblanc turned its focus on this group of individuals for its new product launches. The first major launch of the year was the Chinese version of its Summit timepiece – the brand’s very first full-fledged smartwatch. As such, Montblanc sought the expertise of DLG to develop an engaging digital campaign to target millennials.

The DLG Contribution: Noting that a campaign like this had to be visually arresting, DLG selected a few Instagram influencers known for their urbex (a portmanteau of urban and exploration) photography, and commissioned the creation of campaign images to them. Based in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the works of these influencers are frequently picked up for reposting on Instagram accounts popular with the younger crowd, such as Hypebeast and 24k.mag. While this style of urbex (urban exploration) photography is not new,it is the first time it has been introduced as part of a larger campaign for a luxury watchmaker.

The campaign was so well received that the first batch of Montblanc Summit watches sold out very quickly.

In late 2017, Montblanc reintroduced its iconic Star timepiece with the help of a new ambassador in the Chinese market: Yang Yang. He is best known for his breakout role in the popular 2010 Chinese television drama, The Dream of Red Mansions.

Taking the lead on all digital activities at the launch event, DLG facilitated the live stream of the event on YiZhiBo, which garnered an accumulated viewership of about 16 million over the course of two hours. An interview segment between China’s top luxury fashion blogger Gogoboi and Yang was broadcasted through the live streaming as well, where topics discussed ranged from insights into his stellar acting career to the type of watch he prefers.



Accumulated views for the Star watch launch event’s live streaming within two hours