July 9th, 2018
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In the past, luxury watchmakers were hesitant to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon for fear of brand image dilution. Today, the rapidly changing shopping patterns of young consumers have all but necessitated the presence of brands on online selling channels – be it brand-owned platforms or multi-label luxury retailers.

Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer is one of the latest to get in on this trend. Understanding the importance of appealing to an increasingly digitally savvy audience, the brand decided to take make its first foray into e-commerce, starting with the largest market for luxury goods consumption in the world: China.

“The Chinese market is a very competitive market for Carl F. Bucherer and Chinese consumers understand our brand value,” says CEO Sascha Moeri, emphasising the increasing importance for the Swiss watchmaker to establish its presence on Chinese e-commerce platforms.

With Carl F. Bucherer’s business objectives in mind, DLG China conducted a detailed assessment of all the luxury e-commerce pure players in China and proposed JD.com as the best platform for the brand. DLG China then carried out the entire design and setup of the Carl F. Bucherer flagship store on JD.com. It was officially launched last month.

“JD.com is one of the largest self-operated e-commerce platforms in China. It has a huge customer base and unparalleled data analysis of customer consumption behaviour, and will provide Carl F. Bucherer with a solid sales guarantee. It is our ideal partner for entering the e-commerce field,” adds Moeri. The brand currently stocks a selection of timepieces from across all its collections on JD.com.