March 7th, 2018
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We’re in! Our Geneva-based team relocated to its new premises in late February. The brand-new office spans 500 sqm and is situated at La Gare des Eaux-Vives, a fast-growing professional zone.

“We consider that our office space should boost creativity and foster our team’s progress”, says David Sadigh, founder and CEO of DLG. “Employees and clients are the central considerations in the layout, which includes an open space, many shared areas and meeting rooms. For us, it was essential that the space reflects the spirit of the company and its employees: creative, multi-cultural, and at the cutting edge of innovation.”

First weekly meeting in our new premises.

This efficient, contemporary vision was developed in collaboration with the talented interior architects of the Barcelona-based firm Bloomint. Co-founder and designer Caroline Savin explains the inspiration behind DLG’s new space: “We based our approach on the following question: What makes luxury so attractive and desirable? Our objective was then to transpose the concept of desirability to the office experience. In the luxury industry, the experience associated with an object is often more valuable than the object itself. We took the same approach to craft DLG’s new office space.”

While we are still fine-tuning the layout, we thought you might like to catch a glimpse! So follow the guide…

A curious sight at the entrance

When you cross the threshold, what immediately strikes you is the natural light that floods the space all day long through the wide plate-glass windows that fully surround the office. “This succession of windows establishes a rhythm, creating a sequential experience not unlike that of a film. It draws the eye to individual spaces that each offer a different point of view,” explains Bloomint’s co-founder and designer Manu Bauza.

At the entrance stands a coppery, custom-built monolithic furniture unit. However, there is no seating, no telephone and no receptionist… We decided to create a very unique reception area. The goal is to stimulate the visitor’s curiosity with an intriguing object. Only visitors will discover what secrets it contains…

An intriguing object at the entrance.

Bar and culinary experience at the center

The bar and contemporary kitchen were central to the layout project. This area is just as unconventional as the reception area: instead of a waiting room, visitors discover a lounge featuring a custom-built wooden bar and floor lamps by the German design studio Pulpo.

Coffee at the bar area.

Floor lamps by Pulpo.

The bar area leads into the kitchen, which is visible through a glass wall. This spacious area is an invitation to culinary enjoyment and conviviality. The dining room that you discover on the other side of the glass will provide us with a great deal more space for our future events. “We started offering bespoke digital workshops paired with memorable culinary experiences”, says David Sadigh.

A dining room on the other side of the glass.

Choose your work space!

From the various meeting rooms to the informal spaces, there is no shortage of available spots for group or solo work, depending on the requirements of the project at hand. These multifunctional spaces also encourage our discussions with visitors, since clients may also be welcomed into the cosy, comfortable Luxury Room or to one of the tables at the impressive hot desking structure.

Multifunctional spaces to encourage discussions.

The Luxury Room, a comfortable place to receive clients.

The two armchairs were created by the Spanish design studio Nadadora.

Informal meeting spaces.

A room with a view

One of the work stations that is already highly sought-after is the “contemplation desk”. This wooden station against the windows makes it possible for DLGers to make the most of natural light as they work, and to enjoy a soothing view over the Jura Mountains from a standing or sitting position.

Working and enjoying the view.

All the atmospheres in the office – the colour schemes, fabrics and various materials – reflect the essence of the two cities where DLG is established: a balance between the bustling urban jungle of Shanghai and the cradle of watchmaking luxury that is Geneva, a symbol of expertise and precision.”


It is important to rest your grey matter between two projects or after a sustained mental effort, if only for a fifteen-minute break. The Silent Room makes it possible to enjoy a silent moment. With laid-back contemporary armchairs and subdued light, this closed room is a splace where silence and non-work are compulsory. The best place for meditation aficionados.

…On the set!

Last but not least, our new offices will soon include a space corresponding with an important aspect of the services that we propose. We are preparing the launch of our “Social Lounge”, a creative audiovisual content studio on the premises. The objective is to be able to create high-quality digital content quickly and effectively, both for our clients and for our online content platform Luxury Society. The studio will be a pillar of the new, creative dimension of DLG.

The Social Lounge will be launched next April. Stay tuned!