DLG Summer Camp 2021

September 7th, 2021
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This summer, DLG kicked off its first inaugural SummerCamp program aimed at providing young students the opportunity to learn more about marketing, design and communications from our leading team of experts and external professionals.

Here at DLG, we believe it’s important to give something back to the community we live in, which is why we have launched DLG SummerCamp, a two-week program for students aged between 15 and 21, who have just finished or are in the process of finishing high school, to learn more about the world of marketing, design and communication.

Through our own conversations amongst the team, we realised that many of us were not sufficiently informed when – as teenagers – we had to make important decisions for our futures, and choices that would shape us professionally. At a time when information is most crucial to helping decide which path we may want to take, we’re often left without the knowledge about the different jobs that are available, what the paths are leading up to them and what that actually entails.

Quite simply, it can be a lot to digest.

Which is why we wanted to help those in our community with DLG SummerCamp. Held over two weeks, our Campers learnt about topics including entrepreneurship, social media, the luxury market and performance marketing, through workshops, talks and activities. The sessions were taught by a blend of our own DLG experts and external professionals from Sports Marketing, Food and Beverages and Higher Hospitality Education.



“The idea behind the Summer Camp was quite simple really,” said Benedicte Soteras, Head of Client Services at DLG. “We’ve always been great supporters of paid internships, where we take on people for a minimum of 6 months, and apprenticeships at certain points. Over the years, there have been many in our network who have asked whether we accepted young trainees for 1-2 weeks to experience the first taste of what professional life in a marketing agency looks like. However, considering the experience, maturity and commitment in time we require for internships, we were not able to integrate this format into our existing internships, but knew we were eager to do something.”

“Thus, SummerCamp was born,” she added. “The outcome exceeded our expectations, and the learnings and richness of the experience was something that was truly felt on both sides. We’re already received interest from people in our extended network through word of mouth, asking when the next session would be and are delighted to continue with the program.”

“The internship made me question myself and broaden my vision for the professional future,” said Constantin de Lint, one of the interns who participated in this summer’s program. “It also provided me with assets that will be useful to me professionally and personally. Through this program, we often had to collaborate and I have therefore improved my ability to work in a team. I also created my LinkedIn profile and trained for future job interviews.”

“I would recommend the program both to people who don’t know what they want to do in the future professionally and to people who already have a clearer vision of their future,” he added. “This program highlights many aspects of professional life and prepares us for them. This experience also allows you to meet great people!”

“I loved seeing how SummerCamp created an energizing dynamic within our agency,” said Alain Zimmermann, Managing Partner at DLG. “I didn’t expect our Campers to be so participatory, interested and curious. We spent two extraordinary weeks rich in meetings, sharing and inspiring discussions.”

“The result was a truly original initiative for all the participants, and the desire to renew this special moment,” he added. “I hope that other companies will be inspired to do the same because many young people are just waiting to share their views and learn at the same time.”

The summer camp also gave DLG the opportunity to work together with Yojoa, an organization that supports young migrants in Geneva in finding internships, apprenticeships and jobs.

“At Yojoa, we support talented youth who fled their country because of persecution and conflicts, and facilitate their professional integration. All they need in order to thrive is an opportunity to learn, like the one that took place during DLG’s Inaugural Summer Camp,” said Emmanuelle Werner Gillioz, Founder and Director of Yojoa. “For two weeks George, a 16-year-old youth from Syria, was immersed in a professional environment with peers, learning and gaining invaluable insights in the field of marketing and communication. Most importantly, George felt welcome and experienced a sense of belonging. He got a glimpse of the possibilities ahead of him and this has no price.”

“From day one, our SummerCampers have been a caring and trusting group. They were able to openly share their views and opinions on the whole experience. I want to say a big Thank You to them for their generosity and kindness,” said Hervé Chetaud, Officer Manager at DLG. “My greatest pleasure would be to hear back from them about their successes and possible setbacks, for them to feel they are part of the DLG family and I want to wish them all the best in the world.”

We want to once again congratulate our very first class of DLG Summer Campers, a diverse, passionate and curious group of students: Constantin de Lint, George Khoury, Ines Julliard, Nelly Zimmermann, Noémie Ghatan, Soa Martins and Victoria Cretton.

If you, or your children, are interested in joining a future edition, contact us at: info@digital-luxury.com with DLG Summer Camp in the subject line.

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