February 20th, 2020
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Reshaping Luxury is a co-produced television show with CNNMoney Switzerland that focuses on the state of the luxury e-commerce landscape, what the key players in the market are doing to respond to these changes and the growth opportunities in the e-commerce luxury watch market.

In the second episode of our show, we will be looking at the latest trends and disruption in the beauty market, but also the shifting dynamics of the luxury Chinese traveller. Last – but not least – we’ll be speaking to Julien Tornare, chief executive of Swiss luxury watchmaker Zenith about the evolution of the brand and the future of the industry.

Watch the full episode of Reshaping Luxury:

Reshaping Luxury: Episode 2 is out! from DLG / Luxury Society on Vimeo.

Aimed at a community of luxury executives, financial institutions and industry experts, Reshaping Luxury is an essential segment covering topics like luxury watches, jewellery, fashion, hospitality, beauty, wellness, private banking and much more.