December 13th, 2017
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On the morning of the 16th of November, DLG (Digital Luxury Group), together with its partner ContentSquare, hosted its Digital Breakfast Session at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva. A dozen representatives of some of the most prominent luxury brands reflected on the topic du jour, “Understand Why Your Website’s Visitors Buy or Bounce”. The intimately crafted gathering was centred on user experience optimisation, within horology in particular.

Even if customers were to enjoy five excellent in-store experiences, it only takes one bad experience to damage a brand’s image. The same rule applies to a digital experience. Therefore, the interface must act as the salesperson in being the face of the luxury store. What takes precedence is understanding the user’s mindset and optimising their experience.

Here are some snapshots of the presentation.

UX Analytics is essential in understanding why users leave a website and how they behave on a web page.

Acquire: You pay more… but users tend to engage less with your website

When looking at acquisition channels, such as search engines, emailing, advertising and social networks, advertising acquires 21% of the traffic but has the highest bounce rate at 59%. There are three main dimensions to consider within optimisation; the first is traffic channels (channel mix, publisher mix), the second is audience (localisation, personas), and the final aspect is website optimisation (design, landing page, loading time).

Engage: Branding content is essential for luxury brands… but is it for users?

Users who visit luxury websites have more of an appeal for products and less for branding in terms of engagement points. Users spend 51% of their browsing time on product sessions while only 15% spend it on inspirational content. Branding elements are also less visited on mobile as a consequence of heavy content and slow loading time. Therefore, product presentation optimisation should be considered a top priority as it will support engagement for over half of the sessions.

However, the luxury watch industry is an exception as more traffic reaches inspirational pages on these types of websites than on the average luxury website. Content therefore remains crucial for branding areas.

Convert: 90% of your website visitors are not converting

Research has found that 90% of the audience will leave the website without converting (store-locator, e-commerce, CRM). The percentage of e-commerce conversion lies between 0.01% and 0.1%.

Main navigation and product pages are among the top elements to analyse in order to have the most impact on conversion.

Drop us a line at hello@digital-luxury.com if you want to access the complete presentation and further information about UX Analytics.

Short and interactive, DLG’s Digital Breakfast Sessions aim to gather on a regular basis a small group of executives from leading luxury brands to discuss a specific digital topic. Stay tuned if you want to know more about the next Digital Breakfast Session!