January 12th, 2018
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An attractive website is no longer enough to win over customers. Say you were to visit a store belonging to one of the most elite jewellery Houses, could you imagine it with poorly presented products and absent employees?

Even if a customer enjoys five excellent in-store experiences, it only takes one bad experience to erode a brand’s image. The same rule applies to a digital experience.

The interface must act as the salesperson in being the face of the luxury store. What takes precedence is understanding the users’ mindsets and optimising their experiences.

“A couple of years ago, we reckoned that user experience (UX) analytics would become the next important topic when it comes to digital analytics. Why? Because UX tools allow us to see beyond classical analytics. In addition to users’ traffic origins and general behaviour insights, we now have the ability to understand the detailed mechanisms behind e-commerce conversions or a session drop for instance”, explains Yoann Chapel, Head of Client Services at DLG (Digital Luxury Group).

DLG and its partner, ContentSquare, the new-generation UX Analytics solution driven by A.I, cross-sectioned their data after analysing more than 90 million browsing sessions and drew up a report offering luxury brands unique insights into user behaviour on their websites.

These two companies then formed a partnership in 2017 to unite their respective areas of expertise. The objective is to offer premium and luxury brands the opportunity to discern what drives users to either participate in optimal experiences on their websites or hastily leave their platforms.

“Beyond traffic acquisition optimisation, this new generation of UX tools allow us to boost on-site engagement and conversion in a drastic way,” adds Chapel. “More than ever, we are convinced that the next challenge for many luxury brands will be on-site engagement.”

Drop us a line (including your name, surname and company), if you want to access the full report.

Here are some snapshots of the report: