January 29th, 2018
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In China, traffic to luxury watch and jewelry brands’ websites recorded an exponential increase in the last three years, while the traffic coming from the US has remained stable.

With regards to the WorldWatchReport 2018, which will be published in March 2018, China’s share is expected to reach about 16% of the global traffic, while the US’ share is expected to reach about 14%. In 2016, China and the US shared the same amount of global traffic: 13%.

WorldWatchReport Digital Benchmark

Published by DLG since 2005, the WorldWatchReport Benchmark is the only benchmarking tool that offers brands invaluable business insights, data and solutions. Highly relevant for luxury watchmakers looking to improve the ROI of their digital investments and consequently, drive-to-store results, the annual study affords participants exclusive access to industry-related statistics, enabling the charting of measurable results.

It offers a perspective into the KPIs of watch and jewelry brands:

  • Aggregates industry web analytics data
  • Based on 80M sessions
  • Benchmarks their web analytics indicators against the competition’s average
  • Identifies threats and opportunities at the market level
  • Optimises their level of advertising investments

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