June 11th, 2018
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I have too many diamonds – said no woman ever. Libert’aime by Forevermark is counting on just that with the introduction of this new range in China. Created to celebrate the spirit of today’s young millennial women, the trendier and more affordable fine jewellery line by Forevermark was designed with economically empowered self-purchasing consumers in mind.

Pioneering a new retail concept, Libert’aime by Forevermark’s first flagship store made its debut at Taikoo Hui in Shanghai and brings together both online and offline elements in a physical space. “We wanted to create a store environment that felt different and reflected the way these women buy luxury and fashion products today,” explains Forevermark CEO Stephen Lussier. “You’ll see the store built around what we call the Diamond Bar, which allows the consumer and the brand ambassador to interact more like friends and less like people on either side of a counter. We also built technology into it, things like what we call the Magic Mirror, which allows these consumers to immediately post pictures of them trying on diamond jewellery on their social media feeds – because social media is so important to them,” he adds.

It is with the integral role of social media in mind that Libert’aime by Forevermark engaged the expertise of DLG China in creating a WeChat store and comprehensive loyalty programme for its consumers. Designed and built from the ground up, the WeChat store comes with an extensive digital product catalogue and is seamlessly assimilated with the loyalty programme. Besides offering a tiered membership structure with points accumulation system that can be used to offset subsequent purchases, the advanced loyalty programme tracks both offline and offline acquisitions, issues official receipts upon request, and allows consumers to make in-store appointments.

“At the end of the day, if [consumers] want to buy in store, that is great. But if they want to buy on WeChat, that is great as well. We’re quite neutral to how it actually happens in the end. We need to be quite seamless between our online and our offline lives,” concludes Lussier.

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