Activating Consumers In The Digital Sphere




“DLG shows a high passion in supporting us to generate local relevant content to emotionally resonate with our consumers.”

The Challenge: It is universally acknowledged that localisation is key when it comes to a brand’s success in international markets. Besides adapting to the locals’ taste and preferences and understanding the nuances in their cultures, adapting to their local holiday calendar is also of great importance.

The DLG Contribution: It is with this in mind that DLG went about helping Austrian label Swarovski in the shaping of its annual campaign strategy. Instead of sticking purely to the European promotional calendar, Swarovski’s campaigns in China featured a mix of both international and local holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Chinese Valentines Day.

To celebrate Mother’s Day in 2017, Swarovski launched a social media campaign that appealed to sons and daughters to celebrate their mothers’ eternal beauty, while sharing with them well wishes to continue living youthfully and differently. At the same time, DLG introduced a mini program to the brand’s WeChat account. This mini program was a first for the luxury watch and jewellery industry, and allowed users to directly purchase items from Swarovski’s Mother’s Day collection within the WeChat application.

Additionally, Swarovski worked with DLG China to launch an interactive social media campaign promoting its exclusive Chinese Valentine’s Day collection. The interactive campaign allowed users to send secret text or voice messages to their loved ones, locked within digital pendants. The option of inserting a photo into the pendant was also included.

In order to leverage its CRM platform on WeChat and build lasting brand loyalty, DLG also created a loyalty programme for Swarovski in 2017, hosted within its WeChat account. The goal here was also to encourage repeat purchase intentions with from its existing customer base.

Christened Be Swarovski, the loyalty programme allowed clients to enjoy special perks and services. The programme came with a tiered membership structure, which gave clients more perks as they ascended the tiers. A points accumulation system was also put in place to allow for the redemption of gifts and vouchers.

All members also received a special gift every year on their birthday as part of the loyalty programme’s benefits. Additionally, in-store appointments can be made within the programme. Key performance indicators in terms of recruitment and binding for the loyalty programme were met within 3 months of launch.

Campaign results


Of the brand’s WeChat community joined its loyalty programme Be Swarovski


Repeat purchases generated through the programme


Of the yearly KPIs set were achieved within 3 months