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“I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.”

The Challenge: Launched in 2008, the Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry Company is a joint venture between Ralph Lauren and Richemont. In this unique partnership, Ralph Lauren feature high-quality Swiss-made movements in manufacture. For the brand it was important to elevate brand perception with regards to their high-end products. It’s in this context that DLG and Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry have teamed up in order to build an impactful activation for their most iconic timepieces.

DLG’s Contribution: DLG created an emotive digital campaign to increase desirability, and to help establish Ralph Lauren Watch & Jewelry as a trusted choice for Millennials and new prospects.

As New York is an integral part of the Ralph Lauren story – home to Mr. Lauren and where he was inspired by the city’s art for his iconic timepieces. DLG therefore identified eight NYC-based influencers matching the values of the Maison, and guided these hand-picked influencers on a tour of what has inspired the creation of the Ralph Lauren Timepieces. They enjoyed an “off-the-beaten-track” journey that only a genuine New York brand like Ralph Lauren would know. The influencers precisely understand their community and, with this in mind, their goal was to produce content that perfectly reflects the values of Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry whilst also matching the expectations of their community.

Watch the video to discover more about the campaign’s mechanics and results!

This campaign was about taking the essence of Ralph Lauren watches and answering the question “what makes New York?” through the eye of an influencer.

DLG aimed to generate exposure, increase desirability, and help strengthen the brand as a trusted choice to prospects and new targets through emotive digital campaigns and actions that drive engagement and conversion.

The campaign has been tremendous success in terms of the extent to which the influencers have embraced the brand.

One influencer even has created its own video content about Ralph Lauren. Watch the video!

Additionally, the influencers were highly satisfied with the process of the activation itself: the freedom of content creation, the products themselves, and the overall organization of the campaign.

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